Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ryan is letting loose on the internet…

Well the day has come; I’ve finally broken down and decided to post my own public blog. I say “broken down” as though this were against my will, but actually it’s because I’ve revisited the idea of blogging several times over the years with mixed feelings. This decision to finally blog comes after some deliberation.  I initially thought about blogging (and got my first bad impression) back around the time when Myspace was launched.  Suddenly everyone decided they had to become a Myspace blogger. That, combined with increased popularity of sites like Xanga, Livejournal, and Blogger, it seemed everywhere I looked, someone was promoting their personal blog. The more I read, the more I realized that the internet was overwhelmed with personal blogs that consisted largely of the venting of personal drama or mundane “what I ate for breakfast” type posts. So much of this existed that it seemed people offering something of actual value in their blogs would get lost in the sea of negative word vomit.  On top of that, even though blogging is a good way to establish an online presence, there is the question of how much of one’s personal life does one make ‘public’ via the internet? I’ve heard more than one horror story about job candidates carelessly posting information that ends up costing them a job.  One might think that sometimes it’s better to fly under the radar for other reasons as well; there is always the rare instance of stalking or criminal harassment. Also most people in life have at some point encountered toxic people who thrive on spreading malicious gossip.  Giving these people facts to start with can make it easier for them to attempt causing trouble. So what’s one to do?  Live well. Ignore the critics.  The fact of the matter is that, Doing anything remotely interesting will bring criticism. Attempting to do anything large-scale and interesting will bring armies of detractors and saboteurs.  So expect this, but take it with a grain of salt and rise above.

 The last year of my life has been extraordinary, especially the last few months worth.  I’ve been enjoying an opportunity that has granted me a great amount of time to focus on personal projects and endeavors while still maintaining a relatively comfortable financial lifestyle.  If there’s any advice you can take from this post, it’s to always respect the value of time.  I’ll be honest: it’s easy to lose track of one’s self in the ‘rat race’ putting in  40-60 hours a week at a job, which can cause one to stop pursuing the things that should be priorities in life. Things like personal goals, dreams, hobbies, and unexplored talents.  It took me a while to remember how much of these things I haven’t been exploring all these years, but over the last few months, pieces have been falling into place.  I’ve had so many awesome things going on in my life, and some really cool projects I’ll be working on in the coming months and years, that I feel now that in some ways it would almost be a disservice not to have an outlet to share some thoughts and ideas publically with the world. I rely on the internet in a big way for information. In the past I’ve been able to enhance my life and build off of the projects and experiences that others have posted. I hope to give some of that value back to my readers through this blog, aside from just being an interesting read. I’m here living a life of adventure, following my muse, and taking a lot of pictures along the way.